Method Race Wheels Australia (MRWA) partnered with us/me over 10 years ago when they imported the first pallet of wheels from the USA to feed their own offroad racing passion.

Fast-forward more then a decade and they are a powerhouse in the Australian distribution scene, shipping millions of dollars of wheels every year across the continent.


Project: eCommerce website based on Shopify

Task One: Build a dealer portal with API connectivity to their ERP Solution

Task Two: Develop dynamic variant content on product pages to change the information displayed for wheel size, offset, load rating, stud pattern etc.

Task Three: Ongoing maintenance and work on the front end of the website to keep shit looking cool and working as it should.

Their primary business is business to business, with a strong dealer network across the country who resell their products. While the bread and butter comes from this network, there is a consumer facing need to display and educate the masses through an online store/catalogue.

The platform of choice is Shopify and we’ve been maintaining this for longer than we can remember.

Task One

The freakin’ awesome work lately was to build a dealer portal from scratch, pulling inventory and product data from their ERP solution DEAR Inventory.

We modelled the portal on the look and feel of the already established USA website but built it from scratch using API and custom development to display the data in a quick and easy to reference table.

This table then doubles as an ordering platform for dealers, of which can be accessed after hours and when the Method AU sales team has knocked off for the day.

This task itself took approximately 4 months to develop and launch and a further 2 months of Beta testing to make it robust enough to withstand the daily rigours of a multi-million dollar distribution business.

None of the function of the portal could be achieved by an off-the-shelf Shopify plugin, leading to what was ultimately the only choice but to get our hands dirty and build the ideal platform.

The outcome is this – Method Race Wheels Australia now has a 24/7 gated platform for dealers to access and browse stock levels prior to ordering.

Each dealer has a specified discount tier, controlled by the ERP platform and they can then checkout with net terms (pay later according to their commercial agreement with MRWA) any time of the day.

We’ve been able to free up valuable man-hours on the phones and give the dealers a reliable and up-to-date resource for checking stock levels, prices and product stats.